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Anita Cooke

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

I am visually attracted to and moved emotionally by mere multitudes of objects: stacks, layers, piled bundles, large groupings of objects and repeated patterns. We experience this density everyday, as it is a fundamental characteristic of our daily American life. We have a lot- a lot of everything:packed shelves, racks and boxes piled high in endless stores, huge bundles of recyclable materials,stacks of books and papers, crammed parking lots, densely packed cities, and on and on. But it is the process- the energy, or living history that lies behind the creation of this dense field that I sense and to which I want my work to speak. My process is one of a rhythmic, repetitive tearing and sewing together of hundreds of painted canvas strips that are layered together to make thickly wrought wall constructions. Non-objective, the subject is the energy process- the painting, layering, pinning, cutting, stitching,folding,and dense compacting of material into a given field.

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