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Anita Cooke

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

These pieces belong to a group of works called "Strata." Each individual piece has no visual beginning, no ending and no discernible focal point. They are each a small microcosm or "core sample" of some larger mysterious whole of ambiguous origin. In both process and finished piece, they speak to the inner "core world." They suggest relentless endeavor, the infinite repetition of elements, patterns of energy and the architecture of both nature and human-created structures.
Large canvases painted with acrylics are torn and cut into strips that are then folded, frayed, pierced and sewn. Thread is often manipulated into small knots numbering into the hundreds, sewn in place and perched precariously onto the edges. These sewn strips are then amassed into "parts" that are assembled, arranged, layered and stacked many "stories" high and then ultimately adhered onto a canvas backing.

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