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Angela Fraleigh
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

As a small child we lived in a trailer, we had a pet raccoon, my biological father had long blond hair, my parents grew up in the swamps of South Carolina, and smoked a lot of pot.

However, this work is less about a personal narrative but rather a prompt to consider how one constructs narratives and how personal and collective stories are concocted and conceived. These emblematic images oscillate between particular memories and universal ideals, both documenting fleeting moments from a borrowed past and mining the residue of a life left behind- before they slip out of conscious reach.

This work draws upon and exposes the fissures that occur when the ideals from one point in history are translated into another. Internal vs. external lives are merged and the past, present, and future slide and slip, creating blanks and hollows.

It is in this space between where meaning is formed.

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