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Andrew Feiler

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

Andrew Feiler is a fifth generation Georgian. Having grown up Jewish in Savannah, he has been shaped by the rich complexities of the American South, and of being a minority in the South. Andrew has long been active in civic life. He has helped create over a dozen community initiatives, serves on multiple not-for-profit boards, and is an active advisor to numerous political leaders. His art is an extension of his civic values.

Andrew's photographs have been featured in Slate, Lenscratch, Oxford American, The Bitter Southerner, numerous newspapers, and on NPR. His work has been displayed in galleries and museums including solo shows at such venues as the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel (Memphis), Octagon Museum (American Institute of Architects) (Washington), and the International Civil Rights Center & Museum (Greensboro, NC). His work is in number of public and private collections and can be seen at

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