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Andrew Blanchard
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Southlandia, my current body of work, offers a balanced playing field of Southern culture for the lovers and skeptics alike. Sublime beauty is littered amidst a mysterious, entropic landscape where socially induced issues are revealed and the cultural character of the American South begins to peel away its multilayered history. As one ganders at either the weathered, piecemeal paneled trucks or the shiny g-rides sitting high on oversized rims and rubber, stereotypes are framed within one’s subconscious whether they’re meant to or not. Coupled with signs of righteousness and rowdiness, other thematic constructs are incorporated into the visuals, including Southern literature, race-relations, land-management, and socio-economics. To be honest about one’s fascination of the South one has to delve deep into its heart, and this body of work does just that, it digs into the dirt of Southlandia.

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