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Andrew Allen
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Some art is beautiful and some is distressing; but important art is thought-provoking. Creating artwork is valid and important.

Schooled in the traditional discipline of photography, illustration and printmaking, my inspiration comes from the practices of film and darkroom, painting and sculpture. I work in both film and digital photography. I shoot with medium and large format cameras. My artwork tells a story.

Making art is part intuitive and part nurtured. My life experiences, have been both enriching and difficult, sometimes at the same time. Over the years I have enjoyed laughter along with sorrow. It is the sad and surviving moments in life that touches people the most. At a young age I battled cancer and survived; I have always been aware of my mortality. Many years later I lost a child. His memory is a blessing. The following images are personal, and one must look at my work through that lens.

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