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Andrea Keys Connell

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

I have a curiosity in what makes us complexly human. What happens when we ignore our internal guidelines and abide by the constructs that have been set out before us?

My research is instigated by a desire to peel back the façade of specific icons, archetypes, and symbols, in order to reveal the complexities that bubble beneath the surface. The subjects of my critique are figurines, monuments, and mythic and/or religious statuary- bodies that are removed from our ground and located on pedestals and plinths.

By dismantling the specific structures and histories imbedded in the figurine, monument, and statuary, I am aiming to create narratives that are based around the internal and external experience of my character’s exile from their protective structures. By removing these definitions I am attempting to remove the authority of their constraints, and I am consistently begging the question, “Is there more to their story?”

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