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Andrea Donnelly

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Against the overwhelming speed at which our world rushes along, I have chosen to be a weaver, delving deeply into the study of textile language to filter that world and slow it down. Overlooked and undervalued, cloth is a powerful conduit for the subtleties of our human experience. I make cloths with great presence and great vulnerability, investigating psychological and literal relationships between our physical bodies and the world we inhabit through the act of weaving by hand.

The intricate and time-consuming processes used to transform thread to cloth are the conceptual backbone of my work. I touch every inch of thread in the woven-painting-object-artifacts I create, imbedding imagery and forming figures locked within textile structure. I paint woven cloth, only to take it apart then weave it again. Through unraveling and rebuilding this visual language I excavate deeper meanings in the collaboration of tool, material, and intention.

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