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Andre Gray
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My work reflects my concern for humanity’s progression by mining an untapped wealth of history and memory to reveal light and dark moments of the human condition, in order to question and examine its impact on the present power structure and social hierarchies.
Through the use of assemblages, installations, paintings and drawings, my work offers potent messages that are codified through layers of recycled and reclaimed objects, materials, and imagery. A checkerboard pattern of hardbound books stretched between an antique armchair and an overturned school desk, and the leathery appearance of tar on canvas of an iconic residence is just a sampling of the methods in my craft. Similar to the pursuit of an alchemist, I transform these mundane materials into the art of eye gumbo.
Eye gumbo is a visual meal for the mind, thickened with a roux of black culture, marinated in social commentary and seasoned with consciousness.

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