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Anderson Wrangle
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

Weight, tension and balance play a large part in these photographs. Work, the direct connection between the mind, the hand and the object, is a significant metaphor. The constructions and actions here are largely non-utilitarian, but provide for an interruption of our expectation and are a way of seeing the ordinary in different light.

I am fascinated with the landscape, the still life, tableau, ephemeral sculpture and performative gestures, and use these forms together to play within the ideas of Nature and art and with the idea of order. Making things embodies thought, and generates knowledge through the struggle with the material.

Everything in the images is made, the limitation being what can be achieved by hand, and the limits are the limits of my body and what I can achieve with simple tools, such as the fulcrum. This is a kind of serious play, which is an existential performance.

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