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Anderson Wrangle
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Weight, tension and balance are important in my work, and the methodology these images are part of is one of photography-as-thought. The images, constructions and events may be seen as provisional, a scaffolding to structure thought, observation and question. This provisionality itself is always in tension with the photograph as a concrete expression of authority. Rather the photograph is a signpost with an inexpressible symbol, a window into an unexpected prospect, a question, and a moment of levity in a serious conversation. The activity, the thought and the images exist in related spaces: the existential, the absurd, the playful, the real, the subversive, and the political. Everything in the images is made, and limited to what can be achieved by hand, and the limit is that of my body and what I can achieve with simple tools, such as the fulcrum. This is a serious play, and an existential performance.

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