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Anastasia Pelias

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

Anastasia Pelias is a multi-media artist who was born in New Orleans, LA to a Greek immigrant mother and a first-generation Greek American father. Her artistic practice is rooted in her dual cultural identity of both her native and ancestral roots in New Orleans and Skopelos, Greece. Pelias creates emotionally driven work exploring history, familial relationships and human ritual through a nuanced interpretation using paint, color and objects. Greek rituals and icons, the rich Afro-Caribbean culture in New Orleans, the shifting landscape of both her immediate environment, Louisiana, and of her familial home, Greece, inform her work equally. Pelias unapologetically embraces subjects of love, loss, sex, death, destiny and the female experience.
In her studio practice, Pelias embraces a process that is both intuitive and intentional. Her work moves fluidly from oil paintings on canvas, to works on paper, to multi-media site-specific and site-responsive installations to sculpture.

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