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Amy Funderburk
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

Called to a more holistic view than the teachings of my Bible Belt upbringing in North Carolina, through my visionary works, I widen the lens of spiritual experience by underscoring the universal condition. I ask viewers to question their assumptions of physical reality by offering a perspective where the tangible coexists with a fluid spiritual realm.

I explore my cultural ancestry by depicting extraordinary experiences at sacred sites in Ireland, England, and Scotland. I employ imagery inspired by the shaman’s inner landscape, meditation, dreams, and yoga as I investigate the role of art, belief, and the power of positive thinking on the healing process. My use of narrative and nature are also a subconscious byproduct of living in the South.

To further encourage viewers to enter the world I depict, I am now creating participatory experiences and multi-component painting installations to provide an active role and sense of place.

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