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Amelia Salisbury

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My visual and text based explorations are interwoven diaristic archives that chart perceptions of process. I think of these in terms of ‘respiratory’ relationships, which navigate inward, and outward, transcribing cycles and layers of blossom and decay. I’m interested in the delicate transitions and boundaries between genesis and entropy, which often are discernable only in retrospect, or continually reposition or transmute.

In a recent body of my work, figurations are often imprinted drawings, first articulated on clay tablets, then stamped onto painting or drawing surfaces. I also introduced digital phenomena in a similar manner, by scanning a hand painted image, printing it, and then transferring that digital print back onto a painting’s surface… often in combination with the clay mono-prints. In these processes I’m interested in the indexical mark and in the mark that simultaneously conveys both itself and the story of its own history, which relate to archeology.

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