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Amber Boardman

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

I paint portraits of imagined human-like figures in social environments. They share an awareness of being observed, and they are trying to look their best as they perform for us, the viewer. My subject often wear a piece of clothing, which breaks down into an exploration of wet-on-wet painterly abstraction. These portraits are snapshots of socially awkward moments described by the titles. Internet memes are a source of inspiration for the ways these titles can change the reading of these works.

There is an attention to what most people would consider minor feelings or events in my work. I notice things people don’t want to notice or things people overlook. I highlight the abject, but I do this with affection. Figures are morphed and transformed into inhuman shapes, but without violence. These are observations rather than judgments made with care and an acceptance of flaws.

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