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Alyssa Miserendino
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

My practice of art making begins by investigating connections between people. Often I am researching human connection in an illogical manner. I am investigating in a non-judgmental means, while being human, fallible, and judgmental. To be in a state of paradox means to rest in a space of self-contradiction. It is an irrational place, where we recognize the possibility of conflicting ideas at the same time. This is not about existing as an “either/or,” but rather about the existence of contradiction. Paradox is what makes us human – we are evil; we are good. I’m interested in propositions such as this.

I believe we exist in an Age of Empathy, past the Age of Faith and Age of Reason. Connection becomes a means for survival. All of our activity is one of embodied experience – the participation with another person cannot be detached. The self-reflexive mode of human cognitive operation required to see, hear, or understand another human being is the spark that initiates my work.

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