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Alvin Glen
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

My work address the different ideologies on which Americans live and act. Confederate flags, the current American flag, birds (spirituality) and architecture. Reminders of the changing USA, and loss of white male dominance. These images speak to the clash of events and attitudes of those opposing views. Caught in the middle are the average citizens, who are brainwashed and used like pawns by the upper class and political leaders, who carry out acts of violence and administer unjust laws. Reminiscent of Jim Crow law, confederates disguise themselves as loyal Americans, while changing laws to slow the progress of the changing demographic. Law enforcement is used against those seeking equal rights and justice. Making changes to voting districts confederates ensure outcomes, thereby tainting democracy. The tactics are the same as the “slave codes”: oppression through deprivation creating an air of frustration. My work speaks to that game, and its unwitting participants.

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