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Alvin Glen
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

I explore emotions, ideas, and experiences and how or why they occur and reoccur. Works are mixed media, dyes, pencils, and collage. Soft pastel is the dominant medium. Multiple works, by subject or theme, enables me to explore an idea thoroughly. I enjoy combining the emotional with social and spiritual concepts. The spiritual has always played a major part in the southern tragedy. Color identifies and connects the dualling ideologies in America and the south in particular. I'm a husband, father, public school art teacher, Sunday school teacher, and men's ministry leader. Informing or being informed gives birth to ideas, images, and compositions for my work.
I enjoy when viewers get the message from my work. However, I get excited when the viewer is engaged enough to explore, analyze, and interpret my works in a personal way. Exploration leads to discovering some idea or having an emotion which might be new or surprising.

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