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Alma Leiva

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My research-based practice exists at the experimental crossroads of installation, video, sound, animation, and photography. Within a multidisciplinary approach I often incorporate elements of performance, drawing, painting and interactivity to address issues of violence in Central America, its consequences on the individual and society. Cultural specificity, forced boundaries, the media, violence, migration, displacement, alienation and loss are recurring themes throughout my work. The “nomadic” process of some of my work helps me to better understand and effectively convey the psychological trauma that recent Central American immigrants have to deal with when they first arrive in the United States. My site-specific works are charged with allegories, allusions to loss, fear and repression. My video work, which incorporates found footage, examines issues related to coded language within violent societies and the effect of sensationalist media on the individual’s perception of reality.

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