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Allison Tierney
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

I like to define painting in a broad manner, utilizing non-rectilinear surfaces and objects. My paintings are an exploration of materials and the potential objectness of paint. Since the majority of my materials are found, they come with their own histories, forms, and material qualities. I exploit these to discuss issues of waste, consumption, femininity, domesticity, and landscape. The work explores process, investigates material manipulation, and examines space.

Process is integral to my work as each piece comes to fruition under its own collection of preliminary rules and limitations. This can be a limitation of the materials themselves or limitations I impose on the work. Material integrity is key. I take care to use my materials honestly without manipulating them past the point of recognition. Each contributing material is an archive of its own history, whether that material is discarded or is manufactured as a by-product of my own making.

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