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Alicia Dietz

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

For ten years, I was an Officer, Blackhawk Maintenance Test Pilot, and Company Commander in the U.S. Army. I led soldiers, tested helicopters, and flew combat and peacekeeping missions all over the world.

One day, I buttoned my jacket, laced my boots, and donned my patrol cap. That night, I took off the uniform I’d proudly worn for ten years and instantly became a civilian. Four years later, I remain in the midst of that transition. Today, making provides mission, task, and purpose to overcome the daily yearning for direction that came so naturally in the military.

My work evolves from my navigation of the intersection between the structure and camaraderie of my previous military life and the search for purpose in my new civilian one. It exposes the visible and invisible wounds of veterans and explores my thoughts on the effect of war on soldiers’ bodies, minds, and humanity.

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