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Alexis Gregg

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

Collaboration encompasses everything we create from conceiving ideas, to developing proposals, to creating art. We see collaboration as a catalyst for new concepts and ways of working. The shared experience of our work enables us to create along side many other artists, industry professionals, engineers, and community members. We believe the energy put fourth by a group to create a work of art in turn resonates the feelings of those efforts. Our works are site specific. They hold stories, myths, poems, and imagery of the culture where they exist. We are interested in the many layers of meaning our work can encompass from surface value to the viewers imagination. Our intention is to engage people of all ages and intellects. Playable is a word we use to describe our sculptures, and how our work can function beyond an object is a task we fully engage. From benches, to climbing ropes, to slides, we are interested in how people move from viewer to participant in the experience of our work.

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