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Alex Phillips
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My role as an artist is that of a cultural worker, observant, fluid, and responsive. I am interested in materials that are not precious or unique, but ones that are bi-products of other activities (industrial, domestic, leisure). I look for materials that are commonplace, like packing materials, or plastic table clothes. These are the supporting materials that allow our society to function. My goal is not to transform what I am using, but to examine and appreciate properties that are often overlooked. The idea is to level the playing field, to subvert the value system and notions of worth. My work achieves a place of liminality by combining an austere formal language with the lowbrow tangential array of materials that populate our world. Searching for and acquiring these materials is a way for me to further understand my surroundings, the people around, and my place in it all.

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