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Alette Simmons-Jimenez

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

My artistic practice developed chronologically from Atlanta to New Orleans, to the Dominican Republic and then Florida. My works in assemblage, installation, painting, drawing, and collage are abstract studies of identity and place.

The focus of my work stretches from the micro to the macro, documenting the visual and experiential richness inherent in grand spaces as well as overlooked corners and bypassed gardens. Materials are important and lead my creative process. The act of being intimately present, touching, feeling, and actually getting my hands in the dirt connects me to the land and my place in it. On a shelf in the studio, I have a cherished series of small glass jars filled with multi-hued soils that I collect. Each sample represents one place and one moment. From the brown earth under my feet to gold-stenciled patterns, from cardboard to silk, my work interprets the harmony and conflict of our experience.

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