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Alette Simmons-Jimenez

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

I'm interested in social, political, and ecological interconnectedness. I believe my particular mission as an artist is to make work that suggests and inspires potential harmony between man and nature.

Growing up in a military family was a transcultural experience. Life was an everchanging palette of people and places. My experience translated into a mixed-media tapestry of modern city skylines, ancient fortresses and carriages, rolling oceans, colorful mosaics, and rivers of grass. My work reflects a deep-rooted vision those architectures and designs, where the geometrics of civilization mix with the elemental in nature and humanity. Patterns, waves, spirals, and circles, appear and overlap, again and again. Materials are manipulated, deconstructed, and intermixed, pushing and pulling at the surface until a sense of oneness is discovered. The process is like weaving together and then peeling back layers of my skin overlapped by memory, place, and experience.

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