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alejandro acierto

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

My work as an artist, musician, and curator is informed by the legacies of colonialism found within human relationships to technology. Noting the inherent entanglements of power that surface in this work, I develop material and conceptual networks through installations of performance, lens-based media, sound, and software. Using the internet as source material for a range of projects, I trace accumulated behaviors that remain present across platforms such as Twitter and eBay. Recently, my work focuses on digital harm reduction that acknowledges the compounding effects of intersectional violence on historically marginalized folx. Focused on the circulation of harmful materials online made during US colonization in the Philippines, I connect images across the Pacific to establish Black and Brown processes of racialization that provide a context for the conditions and histories of disenfranchisement. With this work, I can trouble histories of exclusion and create alternatives of being.

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