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. Aldwyth
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

I make work for myself – each "work" is defined as both verb and noun. The large collages and the bricolage work are made of many small works that inform each other. I never know what a work will look like until it is finished. Its what I get up for every morning – to see what will happen during the process.
Most of my work starts out as "what if" or "how can I". The subject matter is generally autobiographical with science and technology underlying themes. The work is about what I do, making art, process. I use a series to examine a problem or idea - then usually the series ends up as one work. I spend months going thru magazines and books, filing and cutting out images that will become one of several ideas simmering at a time. At sometime in the preparation I have to start putting certain things together and a work starts to take form and leads me on a fabulous trip. (under construction)

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