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Alan Shuptrine

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

Capturing the drama with light is what takes my breath away and fuels my passion to create. If I see something dramatic which affects me emotionally, I want to share it with others. Despite that watercolor is considered by many artists as the most difficult of mediums, it is where I feel most comfortable. Although I experiment occasionally with other mediums, I always return to watercolor. Painting is a spiritual experience.

When I am quietly creating in my studio, I often hear my dad’s words of wisdom:
“You must see and create beyond the surface level—art should evoke emotion.”
As to why I create, I refer to what Hopper said: “If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” I frequently ask myself, even during brush strokes, if my painting will evolve into one which could evoke emotion – for without emotion, is there art?

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