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Adam Kirby

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

It is my belief that art is a reflection of one's perception. Art also is meant to evoke thought, emotion, ideas, inspiration, questions. The viewer will have their own unique relationship to a piece that could be directly connected to the artist's intention, or not relate to it at all. Art is meaningless, until we give it meaning. Art is sentiment.

I don't restrict myself to one medium, I instead use the medium best suited for the idea. Growing up in Soddy Daisy near Chattanooga TN, my work has my roots woven into it. I sculpt clay by shooting it with guns, because guns are so accessible to me. I create construction art, because I was a construction worker, as was my father, and his father. I grew to appreciate construction, and its process because my family had helped build so much of the city I was raised in.

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