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Adam Cvijanovic

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

My greatest focus over the last two decades has been large scale landscapes on Tyvek adhered directly to the walls where they are shown. The work mediates between the space of the room and the illusionistic space in the painting. My work draws on diverse influences from Italian renascence fresco painting through 19th century panoramas and into cinematic iconography and site-specific installation work of the 1970’s.

For this application it seemed appropriate to select images that are from projects that I have done in the southern U.S. they are, however, representative of my larger body of work.
The pieces I submitted are from Prospect One in New Orleans, a show at Virginia Tech, a project at the SCAD museum in Savannah and a painting for the new Falcon’s stadium in Atlanta. All are Flashe on Tyvek except the Atlanta painting, which is oil on canvas.

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