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Sara Farrington
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

Model Home is a modular site-responsive sculptural installation of a staged domestic space using heavyweight drawing paper to create to-scale components from furniture and light switches to electrical outlets, rugs, picture frames and baseboards. Stemming from my own personal struggles with American cultural expectations of adulthood, marriage, homebuying and building a family, this installation uses furniture store displays and model homes as a reference and a metaphor for the American ideal; the commodity of a perfect domestic space marketed specifically for status, an unattainable goal. Rooted in a strong foundation in traditional drawing, this work expands the definition of drawing beyond the two-dimensional picture plane and into three-dimensional space, where the space functions as image rather than reality, much like the model home. This completely white space draws attention to the impossibility of keeping domestic spaces clean. Model Home attempts domestic perfection.

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