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Sabrina Gschwandtner

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

I work from a collection of 16 mm films that were de-accessioned from the Fashion Institute of Technology. These short films, dated between 1950 and 1980, are educational documentaries about textiles as art, craft, fashion, military camouflage, political expression, and scientific metaphor. After watching the movies, I cut and sew them into configurations based on popular American quilt motifs, dismantling the narratives of the historical films and re-interpreting them. My quilts are displayed in framed light boxes, engaging the notion of filmic suture in a reconfigured form. In the videos I make using transferred film footage, I connect women’s work and formal histories of abstraction with digital technology. As my work traces the transition from analog to digital technologies, it explores tactility, the relationship between still and moving images, and the often opposing spheres of craft and concept in art.

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