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Saba Taj
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

My work explores the liminalities of identity, the hyphen in a hyphenated identity, the universe that opens in the spaces between language and borders. In my mixed media paintings, collage, and 3-dimensional works, I explore visual manifestations of hybridity as embodied by empowered femme subjects. I freely combine cultural references that I personally hold as a Southerner, South Asian, American, and Queer Muslim. The subjects of my work are hybrids - amalgamations of discrepant origins, body parts, species, and technologies. Their physical bodies become the primary landscape for resisting confinement, yet they are also active characters in a narrative about a world ending, a revolution, an apocalypse. Their alien nature is a much more recognizable representation of our internal selves - fragmented, grotesque, terrifyingly powerful and full of pain, abundantly whole and capable, and impossible to articulate in words.

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