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Michael Adno

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

With Cracker Politics, The Limit of Colonial Knowledge, I am developing ways to rethink the complex colonial eras of Florida and their relationship to the state’s present political and cultural idiosyncrasies. My project works toward more fluid methods of perceiving layers of history, privileging the dialogue between the work and local communities. The project’s dialogic model invites me to mine both regional and national archives, spend time working on-site, and engage local communities to ensure their histories are represented within their specific frames of reference. From the Micanopy Historical Society to the Library of Congress, I have established relationships and methods for working with researchers, historians, and curators as each archive, institution, and voice plays an imperative role. The interdisciplinary arc of Cracker Politics aims to challenge established representations of history with hybridity, weaving together the disjuncture between regional and dominant narrative

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