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Manila Clough

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

My mosaics celebrate nature, especially the exotic and prickly hammock of Florida. Like glass, Florida is both brittle and beautiful. I was born in Tampa, graduated from Florida State University and moved to St Augustine in 1994: I identify as a true Floridian as I create glass collages of wading birds, gators, Sabal Palms, beach birds...the ordinaries of life here on the coast. My work is figurative; for example, a Sabal Palm. But, the recognizable image dissolves into surprising embedded elements- sheet music, poetry, stickers, stamps, shells, crystal beads, glass globs, fine china and stained glass in gorgeous hues. My mosaics are BIG but, like nature, composed of tiny intricacies. Serious things! Silly things! This rich diversity of media visible in my mosaics reflects the rich diversity of their appeal. Regardless of age, ethnicity, education or gender, everyone can experience the visceral impact

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