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Lisa Krannichfeld

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

Images are vehicles for the teaching of history and it is the historical imagery of women I counterbalance in my work. Rebelling against depictions of women as passive objects of beauty created to serve the male gaze, I use confrontational body language and symbolism to portray combative women who take ownership of their own gaze, indifferent to being the object of someone else's. Loose washes of tone and pigment create a more complex, enigmatic, emotional being. The subjects' interior surroundings and clothing are infused with contrasting imagery of feral animals and nature-focused patterns as a symbolic defiance to the patriarchal domestication of women. Strength, power, and aggression — characteristics I feel do and should pertain to women as much as men — contribute to a more emboldened female archetype. The jarring, faceless compositions represent an “everywoman” who desires to define her own perspective and her own gaze. Intentional hand gestures hint at conviction to do so.

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