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Lillian Hoover
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Simple, quiet, still, somewhat uneasy: the banal visual elements of concrete life circumstances are more compelling than we often expect. In this spirit—as ordinary, imperfect materials momentarily engage in awkwardly arresting formal relationships—these paintings are animated by issues of abstraction. This work derives from visual encounters that occur during regular meditative walks and functions as a record of the forms I live with. My world is composed of permeable borders between commercial and residential lots: side-by-side, these structures don't belong wholly to one world or the other. None of these places is special. I’m interested that something becomes special through sustained attention. Comfortable with awkwardness, appreciative and mindful of fleeting moments, a quietude accompanies these empty places and "wrong" bits. These paintings aren’t hopeful, waiting, or longing. These spaces wear their history but don’t ruminate over what was, instead murmuring “this is what is.”

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