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Lawrence Philp

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My initial work in this manner found me editing some of the paintings with painted cardboard relief surfaces as well as painted paper mache relief surfaces, paint skins; paint scraped onto the surface with homemade cardboard scrapers, plastic Bondo scrapers or anything that I had that would allow me to pull paint across the surface. My painted surfaces are brushed poured, taped or have collage applications. I have added additional elements such as soaked newspaper, brushed, rolled and/or poured painted surface, grated paint skins, combed paint surfaces as well as reworked sections of old paintings cut up and used as collage elements. I am using these ways of working to enliven my painting surfaces. In the past, my painting practice involved making flat paintings with brushes on paper and on canvas; paintings that were comprised of overlapping planes and broken color, painted ornamentation along with disparate elements including fractilization of the paintings planes, shape manipulation

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