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Lauren Peterson

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

I collect devalued objects such as packaging, trashcan contents, floor sweepings, and found, discarded objects. My collection includes objects as small as a piece of fuzz from a coat pocket to objects as large as a blue suede armchair pushed to the curbside for pick-up. The resulting forms manifest as sculptures made from worn furniture, meticulously arranged installations of coded objects, photographs and text-based drawings, prints, and paintings, or process-based performances.

Any and every object becomes trash, indistinguishable from a multitude of other rejected objects by its placement for disposal. What we discard alludes to fundamental limitations of our own human faculties. I remove objects from their transitory state as garbage, reorganize and re-label. Most things can be represented in a multitude of ways. I systematically process these representations until the original form is no longer nameable, questioning what is symbol versus sensual and material.

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