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Kirsten Stolle
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

For the past several years, I have been deepening my research into the influence of chemical and biotech companies on our food system. A large part of my studio practice is uncovering information that has been concealed or distorted, often at the expense of public health. With my work, I aim to challenge established narratives and raise awareness about environmental greenwashing.

My current area of research focuses on creating projects using text and language as vehicle for critique. As my practice has expanded, I find that using language with its imperfect, yet symbolic allusions, allows me to create works with a relevant sensibility. I incorporate text as both a visual component and one that conveys meaning--often inserting words or phrases that contain multiple interpretations. My projects have a particular commentary in mind, yet giving the viewer space for an ambiguous reading or a different view often leads to meaningful exchanges.

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