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Joy Cox

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My artwork takes various forms, including drawing, photography, collage, and installation. For the 1858 Prize, I’ve submitted a series of drawing projects that engage classic works of literature (The Old Man and The Sea, The Stranger, and Moby-Dick). I map periods or commas in these canonical texts to highlight the often unnoticed patterns of their language. I’m interested in the ways that a visual interpretation of a book can reflect and inform its conceptual reading. I cut mylar to the same size as each page in each novel, and using ink, I mark each period or comma on every page of each book. With Old Man and Sea, lines connect the flow of periods on each page, making unique constellations of the text’s rhythms. The periods in Stranger are left floating, existentially mirroring themes in Camus’s novel. In Or, Some of the Whale, Ahab’s ceaseless hunt is charted through every comma of Moby-Dick.

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