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Jessica Ingram

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Engaged by ideas around narrative and documentary practices, I use photography and video to explore the ethos of communities, notions of progress, and modes of storytelling and archive. My process is intuitive, and not over-determined, driven by my curiosity and desire for connection. I work towards a new discursive space within an accumulated representational history. The images are descriptive, rooted in the urgency and certainty of the place. In Love Rich Land, rich yet marginal areas in the southern Georgia are revealed. Within photographic works of portraits in golden light and landscapes of dripping moss and abandoned sites of industry, the imagery examines ideas of power, disappearance, and continuous reconstruction in the American South. Without shying away from history, but in contrast to the historicizing lens of documentary photography in the American South, my work imagines the current moment in embattled territory. I'm interested in seeing how what remains looks now.,

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