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Jeana Klein
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

I am thinking about social media: its effectiveness(-less) as an agent for change, as an imperfect archive of this particular moment in history, as an echo chamber for personal beliefs, as a representation of idealized realities, and as a magnifier of personal inadequacies. When life is mediated online, it is flattened and hyper-simplified. Navigating others’ experiences is an emotional roller-coaster. How can I flit from loving baby pictures to angry-facing Trump’s latest inhumane cruelty? How many hashtags add up to actual change?

I take the fleeting, virtual, and anonymous online world and make it concrete, tangible, and personal through textiles. The inherent slowness and physicality of textile processes is an antidote to the speed of social media activity. As I cut and stitch, I pay penance for my many inadequacies as an artist, educator, wife, mother, and wannabe-activist. If I slow all of this down, can I make it stop?

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