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David Spielman

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

A working freelance photographer for years, four books have been published; Southern Writers, Katrinaville Chronicles, When Not Performing, and The Katrina Decade.

Working in B&W and the majority shot on negatives. My goal, my obligation is to render the best possible image without letting my biases get in the way. This project is to work as the photographers did during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl, straightforward and honestly.

This body of work represents a window into our post Katrina world. Most certainly much progress has been made. But with over 80% of New Orleans being flooded, many parts of the city haven’t seen or felt the recovery. There is a melancholy beauty that can be seen as nature tries to reclaim it own. Vandals and scavengers ravage unattended building leaving them in a haunted and gaunt state. I’m the eyes for future generations.

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