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Courtney Egan

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

I work with flowers and their metaphorical weight - I am inspired by the profusion of flora in New Orleans, and fascinated with the lore layered upon it. I integrate time-lapsed films of blooms with computer effects, creating augmented still-lifes that move magically, looping through bud, bloom, death, and rebirth. They are presented as interior and exterior projections. In interactive artworks, cameras capture viewer motion and cause flowers to change.

15 years ago, my art practice shifted from cultural critique, to direct engagement with the natural world, after my personal experience with a large-scale disaster. I began photographing flowers in the studio, creating animations and digitally manipulating them. I see it as a futile attempt to control time and nature, while immersing myself in beauty. What happens when nature is mediated through a lens?I am now taking my practice into the field, with my focus shifting on local threatened and endangered plants and flowers.

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