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Allison Janae Hamilton

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

My artwork features uncanny subjects and surreal scenes that blend the epic with the everyday and the disturbing with the delicate within the expanse of the rural American south. The chief concern of my practice is land: I am curious about the ways that the physical environment of the American south contributes to the region's own social construction. I am likewise interested in the role of landscape in the conception and figuring of "Americana." I draw upon mythologies passed down to me through my own relationship with the region — I was born in Kentucky, raised in Florida, and my maternal family's farm and homestead lies in the rural flatlands of western Tennessee. In my treatment of land, flora and fauna are central protagonists, not background actors, in the unfolding of the south's historic and contemporary narratives. My interdisciplinary process employs sculpture, video, photography and installation.

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