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Alexis McGrigg

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

Alexis McGrigg uses interdisciplinary media to explore the multiplicity of Blackness through fictional, philosophical, and conceptual narratives. The term “Blackness,” that she refers to in her research, is a literal and abstracted term that connotes the investigation of the color black, and the examination of a metaphysical space that finds its origin in the existence of black bodies. This query of the term serves as a means to alter and redefine notions of blackness.

In her own ontology, blackness has the ability to change its form, content, direction, and is not confined by any finite definition. She asserts that blackness as an experience must constantly switch between modes of being, having to be one form of blackness and yet exist as multiple forms simultaneously. Her artwork attempts to push the boundaries of a single notion of blackness, re-evaluate its agency from a monolithic idea, and intentionally reveal its dynamic nature.

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